Flooded Roads Map

The only way to stay safe is to stay out of floodwater. The best way to avoid floodwater is to make sure you are prepared – whether that’s staying in or finding a safer alternative route to travel. Scroll down, enter your postcode and get prepared.

The Flooded Roads Map uses real-time data and user reports to give you a picture of the flood-risk for your journey, helping you plan a safer route from A to B. You can also report flooding incidents and share your alternative route suggestions to help other drivers arrive safely.

Disclaimer: The information on this map is collated from a range of sources with varying degrees of credibility. Any action you take based upon the information is at your risk. Please see full disclaimer.

User Provided information

Currently flooded

Use this symbol to report a road that is currently flooded. As your report ages, the blue icon will slowly fade, during the following three days. You can also suggest an alternative route or draw one on the map.

Prone to flooding

Use this symbol to report a road you know is prone to flooding. These points on the map will remain in place to help others identify potential barriers to their intended destination. You can also suggest alternative routes or draw one on the map.

Data error

If you disagree with a report, you have the ability to enter a data error and include a detailed description. These errors will be investigated by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. A data error indicates a particular nearby report may not be accurate.

User provided alternative route

Yellow lines indicate user reported and suggested alternative routes for either flooded roads or roads prone to flooding.

Location Search Results

This icon indicated the current searched stretch of road or location.

Historically Flooded Roads

Stretch of road historically closed due to flooding

Purple lines indicate historically flooded stretches of road. These have been reported as flooded or closed in past years. Please note that this excludes data from 2015.

QLDTraffic - traffic & travel info


Roads marked with the traffic symbol indicate high levels of traffic and most likely congestion. Delays may be expected.


A crash has taken place. Please proceed with caution. Delays may be expected.

4x4 Access only

Indication of road only allowing access to 4×4 vehicles. For more detailed information, please visit QLDTraffic.


Roadworks are taking place here, please proceed with caution. Delays may be expected.

Special Event

Road affected by special event, please proceed with caution. Delays may be expected.

Road closed to all vehicles

Roads marked with this sign have been closed to all vehicles. Please choose an alternate route. For more detailed information, please visit QLDTraffic.

Open: Proceed with caution

Please proceed with caution in areas marked with this symbol. Road conditions may be unclear or there are other events effecting the road. Choose alternate route if possible.

Weight Limitation

Some roads may be subject to weight limitations. For more detail on specific roads and limitations to these, please visit QLDTraffic.

For more detailed traffic and travel information

Visit QLDTraffic

Hear from the experts & witnesses

The best lessons come from experience. Listen to stories from floodwater experts and survivors to find out just how important it is to be prepared.

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